Cloth Face Masks
Cloth Face Masks

Cloth Face Masks

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These 4 cloth face masks are made from 100% cotton on both front and back. Some have the option of cotton flannel as a back fabric. Fabric is pre-washed in unscented, organic detergent and without fabric softener. The ear loops are made from a super soft nylon material so won’t irritate your ears. These can easily be adjusted by tying a small knot in the loop. There is a casing at the top of the back side with a pipe cleaner in it so the mask easily conforms to the shape of the nose. 

Washing instructions: 

1. Remove pipe cleaner prior to washing. You can use tweezers to reach into casing to pull it out. Re-insert after mask is washed and dry.

2. Due to the nylon material of the ear loops, it is recommend to either air dry (no heat) or hang to dry.

3. Once dry, you can use an iron to re-crisp the pleats.

*Leave a note at checkout with size preference on each mask.


Large - fits most men

Medium - fits most women, smaller male faces, and teens

Small - fits most children 8 & up. 


1. Any Size... Royal Blue (front), Solid Navy (back)

2. Any size... Royal Blue (front), Solid Navy (back)

3. Any size... Solid Navy (front), Solid Gray (back)

4. Any size... Solid Navy (front), Blue Stripes (back)